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Industry Websites


Hemphill & Associates, L.L.C. has developed this handy list of links to websites that we have found to be helpful.  The intent of providing these links is to foster more information exchange about the state of the IT industry and current issues as well as provide helpful hints to assist our customers.  Note that some of these links go to external websites and Hemphill & Associates is not affiliated with or recommend products or services from external websites.  Customers should use due diligence to verify information, procedures, or products from these websites.   Enjoy! provides some good articles on the state of the industry and problems facing the CIO and IT management. 

CNET provides very useful information about the state of the industry, product reviews and other information that we have found useful.

Pricegrabber is a website we use at Hemphill & Associates to look for the best deal on P.C. and other hardware/software.  They do the shopping for you and rate the suppliers.  Pretty handy if you are in a hurry. 

Tech Republic provides useful white papers from vendors that may be helpful.  Please be aware of the source of the papers however as there may be some vendor interests at heart.

For assistance with your P.C.s, also take a look at our handy reference of websites and our PC Tips that may help.  

If you have some handy websites that will benefit others in the IT community, post them at our CIO Blog site!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if your organization needs help with any IT issue.


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