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About Us

Hemphill & Associates, L.L.C. was formed by Mr. Peter Hemphill (see résumé), a nationally recognized leader in Software Design and Development.  Mr. Hemphill has designed and developed large-scale Internet based Content Management and Data Warehouse systems utilizing the latest methodologies, tools and technologies.  Mr. Hemphill previously served on a blue-ribbon panel of experts in Washington, D.C. to advise the United States Public Printer (a Presidential appointee), and the Superintendent of Documents on policy and technical matters.  As a former member of the Federal Depository Library Program Council, Mr. Hemphill provided recommendations on policies and technical matters in the development of government document systems for the U.S. Government Printing Office in order to preserve, protect and distribute government information to citizens of the United States.  These government systems help protect our nation by electronically storing important government documents keeping them safe from attack while providing free, fair, and open access to the people of the United States.

Mr. Hemphill previously assembled teams of developers designing and developing some of the first Internet, CD and DVD based systems for IHS, Inc.  These Internet based systems were used to collect and seamlessly integrate complex engineering documents from around the world for use by customers in over 100 countries.  Many of these customers were S & P 500 firms.  As a Senior Manager of Software Development, working with Customers, Product Managers and Development teams, Mr. Hemphill led and worked with others to coordinate, design and assemble world-class systems for the delivery of complex engineering information.  This required rigorous quality for accuracy on Standards & Specifications for the world's engineers representing over $120 million in yearly revenue for IHS, Inc.

Prior to IHS, Inc., Mr. Hemphill was a Database Administrator for the second largest database in the world (at the time) next to the U.S. Navy.  Mr. Hemphill worked for Comarco, Inc., a U.S. government contractor to the Department of Interior.  Mr. Hemphill designed and maintained databases for oil, gas and mineral royalties for the U.S. representing $8 billion in revenue for the United States.

Mr. Hemphill also introduced some of the first micro-computers in the United States as a Radio Shack Computer Center Manager.  As a "full-charge" General Manager, he was responsible for Sales, Service, Education and satisfaction of customers in the Denver, Colorado area.

To summarize, Mr. Hemphill has designed and developed systems utilizing hardware from mainframes to personal computers.  From Cobol and Assembler to Java, DOS to Unix and Windows, Mr. Hemphill has worked for 25 + years in the computer industry.  His broad background brought him to be the founder of Hemphill & Associates, L.L.C. to make technology work for people.  His ability to quickly identify issues and what works (and what doesn't) provides a means to perform a complete business, as well as systems analysis to help businesses succeed.  In addition to his hands-on experience, Mr. Hemphill's ability for managing projects and teams of people to use people's strengths (and coach weaknesses) provides a foundation for bringing out the best in people and teams.  The result is bringing projects in on time and under budget.  Mr. Hemphill knows what it takes and can give companies the "straight scoop" on areas where help is needed to assess and troubleshoot difficult projects.

Hemphill & Associates, L.L.C. works with high quality firms to bring expertise together to complete a total IT strategy for your organization.


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